Unlock the potential of AI with human expertise

We specialize in providing high-quality training data to enhance the performance of your AI models.

Quality Assurance

Built-in quality review system that drives consistency and top-tier performance from all taskers.

Global Talent Pool

Access a verified global tasker network, ensuring the right people are working tasks that best leverage their skillsets.

Effortless Integration

Seamless, self-service onboarding ensures your team can deploy tasks to the community quickly.

NEAR Tasks is flexible and caters to your needs

From data labeling to reinforcement learning from human feedback and everything in-between.

Basic Training Data

Taskers can label images, complete translations, transcribe audio/video, etc.

Complex Asset Labeling

Bounding boxes and polygons for detailed labels.

Ranking and Recommendations

Taskers can evaluate a data set and determine the best possible answer.

Curriculum Learning

Train your models and bring progressively more challenging tasks to taskers.


Provide scenarios and taskers determine the best possible outcome.

Composite Tasks

Tasks that build on each other. The outcome of one creates a new task automatically.

Become a Tasker and Monetize Your Skills

Become a Tasker and Monetize Your Skills

How It Works

Custom Task Creation

Design tasks according to your unique requirements.

Data Upload & API Integration

Easily upload your data or connect your model via API.

Skill Set Definition

Specify the skills your tasker pool requires to be successful.

Pay for quality of work

Set the maximum price you are willing to pay per task and the system will control payouts based on each taskers' quality of work.

Built-In Quality Assurance

Our automated and human-verified review system ensures consistent, exceptional output.

Tasker Reputation

Taskers earn Reputation Scores from each task submitted. This score directly impacts their earnings and ability to work specific tasks.

Ready to Elevate Your AI Model?

Schedule a call with our team today.

Ready to Elevate Your AI Model?

Schedule a call with our team today.